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USB Web Key

A direct link to enhancing your sales, your company, and your products.
The web key allows you to direct your clients and customers to a specific page or link within your website. It holds no memory and is not considered a gift. In addition, the web key takes the place of having generic brochures, books, informational handouts and allows you to capture direct attention, harvest information, and lead onto other products or services. Enhanced Features are available.

Size: 1 3/16h x 2 3/8w
Print: Full color on two sides
Web Integration: Preset URL loaded (1 per)
Material: White polyvinyl plastic with universal USB plug; die cut and hinged to the card.

Additional Services

WebTrack Package

WebTrack-IQ Package
All services from WebTrack Package, plus these additional premium services:

Additional premium services such as HTML page hosting, custom splash screen, cookies insertion, web analytics package implementation / integration, web statistical analysis are also available.

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