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Quality Control

We focus on quality and service.

All our USB products are tested throughout the production cycle. These procedures can be categorized into four groups:

  1. Raw material and component quality control
  2. Semi-finished goods quality control
  3. Finished goods quality control
  4. Functionality testing

We spend a significant amount of resources in quality control and service. Therefore, our product prices are never the lowest in the industry. We want to give you some facts so that you can better protect your rights and investments.

In general there are four methods to dramatically lower the production cost of the USB flash disks. Unfortunately whichever method or combinations are used, product quality is sacrificed. These methods are usually some of the following:

Whenever these methods are applied, you can expect problems such as users being unable to save onto the flash disk, or read and copy from the flash disk. It often occurs that operating systems canít recognise the flash disk, I/O error messages occur, and storage capacity diminishes as the time passes. By choosing USB Company, you can rest assured none of these will occur.

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