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Data Preload

USB Media offers duplication services for USB flash drives and SD cards. Duplication enables users to share files, product catalogs, marketing presentations and software distribution, making flash drives one of the best marketing tools for any company. With a customized preload functionality, any type of file or document can be duplicated onto multiple drives.

There are two types of Duplication, File Copy and Image Copy. Our company utilizes Image Copy, which is a better, more reliable form of duplicating. Image copy works by copying information bit by bit so that the layout, content, and drive are identical to the original. Within our duplication process we format, copy and verify each drive. Verification is the process of ensuring the content is readable, arguably the most important step in the process. Moreover, USB Media offers both erasable and non-erasable content as needed by the client. Furthermore, with our encryption specialist partner, we have developed ability to preload content that are non-copyable off the flash drives.

Please contact us at sales@usbmediacompany.com or 1.646.688.4961 for details.

Please note that auto-run feature is no longer available for Windows operating systems such as XP SP3, Vista, and 7. Autorun scripts will continue to work for drive icon and labeling but will no longer launch applications or files.

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