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DIY Flash Drives

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Whether you use them in your everyday work flow, or dust them off on occasion, flash drives are perhaps one of the handiest, most underrated gadgets out there. Despite the cloud storage trend, many of us still rely on these doodads when we need to transfer data in a pinch.

And thanks to the InterWebs, there's a seemingly endless variety of unique flash drives to match your equally special personality.

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Check out our favorite here

Your Next Promotional Item

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Customized flash drives that portray your company in a professional manner are quickly becoming a new marketing tool and promotional item for multiple industries. With duplication services that enable businesses to preload important content such as catalogs, brochures, links, videos, pictures, and more these small USB devices are more creative and cost effective than the ancient marketing briefs.


What many businesses are looking for now, is something that will not only be used for its intended purpose but won't be thrown away or break easily. Customers are being more creative and selective when purchasing an item they intend to use to advertise their business. If a company is giving away products with their brand all over them, it is imperative that the product portrays your company in a qualified manner. The quality of items supplied will have a direct effect on how people will perceive your company. USB Media ensures the highest quality chips at the most competitive prices. In addition, with staff in the US and China, we track and control the order every step of the production process.

One of our ECO models: Eco Twister

Eco Twister.jpg

1.     Flash Drives are less expensive than paper and ink

2.     Each USB can be customized with your school's colors and logo

3.     You can preload all important information including catalogs, maps, organization information, event information, calendars, discount coupons etc.

4.     Students will appreciate all this information compacted into a small device instead of a bag of papers and folders.

5.     Great for the environment! 

6.     Blank (non preloaded) drives are available to order for campus stores

7.   Flash drives are much cheaper to print and ship than bulky catalogs. Our university customers tell us that they save on average 50% after factoring the cost of printing and shipping.


As a recent graduate, I know how important my Flash Drive was throughout college. It was my lifesaver! Literally. All of my presentations, homework, papers, documents, pictures, calendar, everything was backed up onto that drive. Even my professors requested all students load their presentations on a USB to save time.

Help your students succeed by offering them a valuable college necessity.

Email us at for a special school pricing.

USB Flash Drive Uses

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Most people think of a USB Flash Drive as an office or school item, necessary for presentations, homework, and other important files and documents. However, Flash Drives have a variety of functions useful to anyone.

  • Load Videos, Movies, & Music
  • Backup Computer
  • Speed up your Windows 7 computers through Readyboost
  • Load Pictures
  • Share Files that are too large to email
  • Run Portable Applications
  • Pre-load a Catalog, Analytic Data, Presentations & more 
  • Loading diagnostic utilities for PC troubleshooting
  • Booting Your Computer
  • Data Recovery
  • Sew a Pattern: You can use the USB drive to put software updates onto the sewing machine. You can also transfer patterns to the machine for automatic creation on your fabrics. Yes, it is the old time world of sewing merged with the world of technology. (Source)
The last one is pretty cool right? There are so many ways a USB Flash Drives can be used! No matter what your age, employed or unemployed, a Flash Drive is definitely a life necessity as it is a great organization tool as well as a tech tool. Do you know of other uses to add to our list? Let us know how you use your Flash Drive!

USB Web Key: A Service & A Product

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Now that you have some basic knowledge about what a web key is and does, we would like to inform you of the service benefits this product offers. This entry will help you better understand all of the benefits and details of how this product could be a great tool for you and your company.


Each Web Key has a distinct number associated with it that, when inserted into the USB Port, is recognized by our software program. This information is then recorded and available online for our client to see.

What information specifically is recorded?

Each time a user inserts the web key, the date, time, web key # and # of uses is recorded. A link to this information is provided to the client, so they can login anytime of the day to view the results of their web key purchase.

Why do I care?

It is important for all companies, large and small to track their marketing efforts to evaluate their success. This includes the number of hits your website receives daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. With our customized program, you can evaluate how effective your Web Key approach is.

What if I don't want it to link to my webpage but another URL or document?

The USB Web Key is a virtual keyboard. Therefore it links to the URL provided by the client, whether that URL leads to a survey, webpage, or brochure is completely up to the client. With that said, any changes made to the URL provided will be seen upon insertion to the USB Port.

The Latest: Web Key

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What is a Web Key?

A Web Key is a USB Flash Drive that provides a direct link to your website when connected to the USB port.

The web key allows you to direct your clients and customers to a specific page or link within your website.  It holds no memory and requires no software. In addition, the web key takes the place of having generic brochures, books, informational handouts and allows you to capture direct attention, harvest information, and lead onto other products or services.  Enhanced Features are available.

How will this benefit my company?

The Web Key is an internet marketing tool, perfect for driving web traffic and sales to your site. It is great for advertising a new product launch and eliminates the hassle of navigating through the web. This product is ideal for trade show exhibitors because it offers a competitive advantage over the other exhibitors. With the thousands of brochures, catalogs, and business cards floating around a trade show floor, a Web Key is the perfect option to ensure your company information does not get lost in the mix.


What additional services are available?

  • WebTrack Package
    Unique URL generated per key
    Client assigned URL re-direct
    Dedicated client log-on page with reporting of up to the minute usage statistics
    Ability to track geo-location and IP

  • WebTrack-IQ Package
    All services from WebTrack Package, plus these additional premium services:
    Individual WebKey activation
    Client driven URL redirect upon activation
    Opt-in registration
    Client logo splash screen

Additional premium services such as HTML page hosting, custom splash screen, cookies insertion, web analytics package implementation / integration, web statistical analysis are also available.

What is Duplication? How does it work?

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What is Duplication?

Duplication, or preloading, is the process of copying information such as files, videos, music, links and other information to multiple drives. A preload file can be sent one of two ways. A client can send their preload via email or send a previously preloaded drive to our office. Either way the content is copied to one of the customized USB Flash Drives that the client ordered from us. This flash drive is then used to format and copy the information to the rest of the flash drives.


How does Duplication Work?

USB Media has developed its own machines and pre-load software to duplicate files to our USB Flash Drives. This software enables us to offer both erasable and non - erasable preloads.


There are two types of Duplication, File Copy and Image Copy. USB Media uses Image Copy, a better, more reliable form of duplicating. Image copy works by copying information bit by bit so that the layout, content, and drive are identical to the original. With this process, the drives are formatted, copied, and verified. Verification is the process of ensuring that the content is readable, a very important step in the duplication process. Only in Image copy can the preload be verified.


With File Copy, the data is copied and inserted wherever there is space on the drives. Therefore, the target drive contains the same data but is not identical to the original drive. In addition, verification does not take place in File Copy Duplication. Therefore there is a greater chance the preload may have errors.


How can Duplication benefit my business?

USB Flash drives are the most convenient, versatile, and affordable portable memory devices available. Utilizing gigabits to share files, product catalogs, marketing presentations and software distribution, these products are one of the best marketing tools for any company. With a customized preload functionality, any type of file or document can be duplicated onto multiple drives. Our company utilizes duplication machines to preload thousands of flash drives a day, making large jobs easy to fulfill in a short amount of time.

USB Flash drives are extensively used for marketing purposes as well as data storage. However, many people in the workforce as well as students use flash drives on a regular basis or regular usage. If you want to transfer any type of marketing material in a customized manner then USB Flash Drives are the best option. Not to mention they make a great promotional gift!

Partition Your USB Flash Drive

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Found this interesting and informative article on

A USB Flash Drive can be easily partitioned into a maximum of 4 partitions. All the partitions can also be accessed in Windows easily. This is possible using a tool called Bootice.

Why Partition a USB Flash Drive?

  • Only the first partition is visible in Windows.So the other partitions can be used to hide data from Windows Users
  • All Partitions are visible in Linux. So partitioning your USB Flash Drive will be useful if you only want your Linux friends to access data on your USB Flash Drive.
  • A regular windows format cannot delete the other partitions. So an average computer user can never delete the data in the other partitions.

Learn how to partition your USB Flash Drive here.

Backing Up Your Documents!

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computer_crash-480x280.jpgIt has happened to most of us, and today it happened to me. My server completely crashed! With all my information on it, all my folders! Thankfully, I back up all important work documents, pictures, videos, and music. Although I was thoroughly annoyed with my computer this morning, I am super thankful for my 16G USB Flash Drive! I don't know how I ever lived without it...

Word of advice, ALWAYS back up your files! I recommend choosing 2 types of backup. I personally use my Flash Drive as well as which publishes your information to a modern browser. I utilize my flash drive as well as iWork because if I (for whatever reason) do not have access to the internet, I can still access my important information.

10 Cool Things You Can Do With A USB Flash Drive

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Found this amazing article by Tech Republic that explains the multiple functions of a USB Flash Drive. Most people utilize them to transfer data but Flash Drives are useful for connecting to a wireless network, use it as an MP3 player, or lock your PC. Check it out! Click Here