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USB Flash Drive Uses

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Most people think of a USB Flash Drive as an office or school item, necessary for presentations, homework, and other important files and documents. However, Flash Drives have a variety of functions useful to anyone.

  • Load Videos, Movies, & Music
  • Backup Computer
  • Speed up your Windows 7 computers through Readyboost
  • Load Pictures
  • Share Files that are too large to email
  • Run Portable Applications
  • Pre-load a Catalog, Analytic Data, Presentations & more 
  • Loading diagnostic utilities for PC troubleshooting
  • Booting Your Computer
  • Data Recovery
  • Sew a Pattern: You can use the USB drive to put software updates onto the sewing machine. You can also transfer patterns to the machine for automatic creation on your fabrics. Yes, it is the old time world of sewing merged with the world of technology. (Source)
The last one is pretty cool right? There are so many ways a USB Flash Drives can be used! No matter what your age, employed or unemployed, a Flash Drive is definitely a life necessity as it is a great organization tool as well as a tech tool. Do you know of other uses to add to our list? Let us know how you use your Flash Drive!

Make Working from Home a LOT Easier!

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"Live CDs" or "Live USB Keys" are a common practice of any IT pro and admin for testing and troubleshooting purposes. Now Microsoft takes the concept of a live operating system to a whole other level. The upcoming Windows 8, slated for a mid-2012 release, lets you run a managed Windows 8 corporate image off of a USB key, which includes more than just your line of business applications but also corporate data, settings, and group policy. "Windows To Go" is a PC in your pocket.

At the Microsoft BUILD conference in September 2011, Microsoft made it clear that Windows To Go is targeted primarily at organizations and specific enterprise scenarios. Microsoft wants this to be the future way for employees to take their managed Windows 8 systems and load them up on PCs at home.

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You'll need a few supplies including a rooted PlayBook, a USB OTG (On-The-Go) adapter, and a bit of tech knowledge to get going.

Check out how to connect a USB Flash Drive to your Blackberry Playbook here.

Found this amazing article by Tech Republic that explains the multiple functions of a USB Flash Drive. Most people utilize them to transfer data but Flash Drives are useful for connecting to a wireless network, use it as an MP3 player, or lock your PC. Check it out! Click Here

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