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USB Flash Drives have been around for a long time now. First starting out at outrageous prices and slowly falling as the demand fell. Most people now have USB Flash drives for school, work, and personal uses. However, the benefits of USB Drives is being seriously overlooked. USB Drives are not going away anytime soon. With Cloud services, people seems to think technology like Flash Drives are no longer needed. WRONG. 

What happens when your server crashes? 

Well for one, all of those pictures, must files, work files, anything you had saved from your computer is now in limbo - good luck getting it back. It's incredibly difficult if  not impossible to retrieve those files from your cloud server once it has crashed. 

Moving on, just like cloud services, USB Drives can be taken anywhere with you and plugged into any computer. Even the iPad! Don't think that because computer companies are coming out with smaller versions of laptops and iPads that you cannot plug in your files and work on them from any of these new technologies. The iPad comes with a 30 pin doc connector, necessary for more than just a flash drive but any form of usb. 

We would like to think that there may be new solutions on the way, but USB Drives have worked wonders for years and years, and like your old Pom Pilot (we miss those too) they really cannot be replaced. Their services are incredibly important for everyone as we all have content that can never be erased.

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