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They're more than just great tradeshow goodies.

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Companies, from small businesses to large industries, seeking a way to stand out from the crowd, are finding new and creative ways to communicate their unique message using Flash drives. Think about your own company's marketing. How would you use a USB Flash drive to tell your company's story? Photos, video, music, maybe all three? Say thanks, present a new product or innovation? How would your key clients like to get an audio/video thank you card on a reusable Flash drive?

We work with a variety of industries that have various preloading needs from the music industry and Record companies to Fortune 500 companies. Flash Drives are used to distribute data across a large group of people wether its a stranger, employee, or client. Check out our previous post on how Ford is using their 300,000 preloaded USB Drives to help their loyal customers. 

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Your Next Promotional Item

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Customized flash drives that portray your company in a professional manner are quickly becoming a new marketing tool and promotional item for multiple industries. With duplication services that enable businesses to preload important content such as catalogs, brochures, links, videos, pictures, and more these small USB devices are more creative and cost effective than the ancient marketing briefs.


What many businesses are looking for now, is something that will not only be used for its intended purpose but won't be thrown away or break easily. Customers are being more creative and selective when purchasing an item they intend to use to advertise their business. If a company is giving away products with their brand all over them, it is imperative that the product portrays your company in a qualified manner. The quality of items supplied will have a direct effect on how people will perceive your company. USB Media ensures the highest quality chips at the most competitive prices. In addition, with staff in the US and China, we track and control the order every step of the production process.

One of our ECO models: Eco Twister

Eco Twister.jpg

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