USB Web Key: A Service & A Product

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Now that you have some basic knowledge about what a web key is and does, we would like to inform you of the service benefits this product offers. This entry will help you better understand all of the benefits and details of how this product could be a great tool for you and your company.


Each Web Key has a distinct number associated with it that, when inserted into the USB Port, is recognized by our software program. This information is then recorded and available online for our client to see.

What information specifically is recorded?

Each time a user inserts the web key, the date, time, web key # and # of uses is recorded. A link to this information is provided to the client, so they can login anytime of the day to view the results of their web key purchase.

Why do I care?

It is important for all companies, large and small to track their marketing efforts to evaluate their success. This includes the number of hits your website receives daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. With our customized program, you can evaluate how effective your Web Key approach is.

What if I don't want it to link to my webpage but another URL or document?

The USB Web Key is a virtual keyboard. Therefore it links to the URL provided by the client, whether that URL leads to a survey, webpage, or brochure is completely up to the client. With that said, any changes made to the URL provided will be seen upon insertion to the USB Port.

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