5+ Reasons Colleges Should Hand Out Flash Drives at Orientation!

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1.     Flash Drives are less expensive than paper and ink

2.     Each USB can be customized with your school's colors and logo

3.     You can preload all important information including catalogs, maps, organization information, event information, calendars, discount coupons etc.

4.     Students will appreciate all this information compacted into a small device instead of a bag of papers and folders.

5.     Great for the environment! 

6.     Blank (non preloaded) drives are available to order for campus stores

7.   Flash drives are much cheaper to print and ship than bulky catalogs. Our university customers tell us that they save on average 50% after factoring the cost of printing and shipping.


As a recent graduate, I know how important my Flash Drive was throughout college. It was my lifesaver! Literally. All of my presentations, homework, papers, documents, pictures, calendar, everything was backed up onto that drive. Even my professors requested all students load their presentations on a USB to save time.

Help your students succeed by offering them a valuable college necessity.

Email us at sales@usbmediacompany.com for a special school pricing.

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