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ATTN: All Fitness Junkies

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Are you a runner? Always in workout clothes? We have the perfect solution for you! A silicone bracelet USB Flash Drive!

The perfect solution for those without pockets, purses, keys, etc. Any fitness instructor or athlete can carry their important files with them at all times, pretty neat right? This unique flash drive design benefits college students as well! With a bag full of keys, books, your phone, i-pod, and multitude of other stuff, don't lose your Flash Drive in the mix! The silicone bracelet firmly secures the flash drive and will not fall off with regular movement. Who knows, it could become the next fashion statement....

Check out this green version.

Multitude of colors
Custom printing: logo, image, or saying
Width: Call for custom width options!

silicone bracelet.jpg

Some of our services...

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USB Media works closely with each client throughout their order and production process to ensure their requirements and expectations are met at every level. This includes service requirements including duplication, graphic logos, as well as custom shaped USB Flash Drives. Our clients have requested all types of custom objects such as cars, planes, and remote Flash Drive models, just to name a few. With such orders, our Graphic Artist works to perfect the object, creating an Illustrator mockup of the final product for the client.

Although we request logos and custom shaping upon placing an order,  we do provide graphic services for clients who need them. This includes everything from creating the custom shape to simply reformatting a logo to fit on a flash drive cover. A final mockup is always sent for verification before production begins.

In addition, as we previously mentioned here, Duplication services are always available. We have experience pre-loading all types of files. Our Duplicator Software, Image Copies the Master Drive to ensure that all content is loaded exactly as the Master. By verifying each drive, USB Media ensures all your content is readable and all drives were preloaded properly.

Email us at sales@usbmediacompany.com to place an order or request more information about the services we provide and how we can help grow your business! 

Our services are a representation of our company and dedication to our clients. We are here to help you, no matter how difficult or large a project may be. Our team works hard to provide quality services and products to our customers.

1.     Flash Drives are less expensive than paper and ink

2.     Each USB can be customized with your school's colors and logo

3.     You can preload all important information including catalogs, maps, organization information, event information, calendars, discount coupons etc.

4.     Students will appreciate all this information compacted into a small device instead of a bag of papers and folders.

5.     Great for the environment! 

6.     Blank (non preloaded) drives are available to order for campus stores

7.   Flash drives are much cheaper to print and ship than bulky catalogs. Our university customers tell us that they save on average 50% after factoring the cost of printing and shipping.


As a recent graduate, I know how important my Flash Drive was throughout college. It was my lifesaver! Literally. All of my presentations, homework, papers, documents, pictures, calendar, everything was backed up onto that drive. Even my professors requested all students load their presentations on a USB to save time.

Help your students succeed by offering them a valuable college necessity.

Email us at sales@usbmediacompany.com for a special school pricing.

USB Flash Drive Uses

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Most people think of a USB Flash Drive as an office or school item, necessary for presentations, homework, and other important files and documents. However, Flash Drives have a variety of functions useful to anyone.

  • Load Videos, Movies, & Music
  • Backup Computer
  • Speed up your Windows 7 computers through Readyboost
  • Load Pictures
  • Share Files that are too large to email
  • Run Portable Applications
  • Pre-load a Catalog, Analytic Data, Presentations & more 
  • Loading diagnostic utilities for PC troubleshooting
  • Booting Your Computer
  • Data Recovery
  • Sew a Pattern: You can use the USB drive to put software updates onto the sewing machine. You can also transfer patterns to the machine for automatic creation on your fabrics. Yes, it is the old time world of sewing merged with the world of technology. (Source)
The last one is pretty cool right? There are so many ways a USB Flash Drives can be used! No matter what your age, employed or unemployed, a Flash Drive is definitely a life necessity as it is a great organization tool as well as a tech tool. Do you know of other uses to add to our list? Let us know how you use your Flash Drive!

CES 2012 is almost here!!

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The Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show is the largest technology trade show in the United States! Thousands of large and small companies exhibit their biggest and latest tech products of the year, including smartphones, tablets, computers, big-screen TVs, gaming hardware and more. The show draws over 140,000 attendees, including press, retail representatives, investors and analysts.

Although USB Media will not be exhibiting, members from our team will be attending to participate and meet with clients. In addition, many of our USB Flash Drives will be displayed and used on the tradeshow floor by clients such as Experient, one of the nation's largest tradeshow providers! Here is a list of necessities we will be bringing not only to CES but on any vacation/ business trip. Below are a few links about this year's CES show as well as images from previous shows.

Will any of you be at CES? Post your booth number below and we will be sure to visit!

5 Trends to Watch
What to Expect
Everything CES

panasonic wall.jpg

One of the most useful feature for a flash drive is to create a bootable drive so you can install the operating system quickly. Here is an old article from one of my favorite website Arstechnica. It may have been a couple of years old, but still works!  Click here for the article.

Make Working from Home a LOT Easier!

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"Live CDs" or "Live USB Keys" are a common practice of any IT pro and admin for testing and troubleshooting purposes. Now Microsoft takes the concept of a live operating system to a whole other level. The upcoming Windows 8, slated for a mid-2012 release, lets you run a managed Windows 8 corporate image off of a USB key, which includes more than just your line of business applications but also corporate data, settings, and group policy. "Windows To Go" is a PC in your pocket.

At the Microsoft BUILD conference in September 2011, Microsoft made it clear that Windows To Go is targeted primarily at organizations and specific enterprise scenarios. Microsoft wants this to be the future way for employees to take their managed Windows 8 systems and load them up on PCs at home.

Want to know more? Click Here.
You'll need a few supplies including a rooted PlayBook, a USB OTG (On-The-Go) adapter, and a bit of tech knowledge to get going.

Check out how to connect a USB Flash Drive to your Blackberry Playbook here.

USB Web Key v. USB Flash Drive

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Can't decide which product would better meet your needs? Here are some benefits a Web Key has over a USB Flash Drive

USB Web Key
  • Cost effective
  • Can be tracked
  • URL can be changed even after the Web Key has been handed out
  • All URL changes will be seen when the Web Key is inserted into the USB Port
  • Smaller, easier to transport
Overall, the Web Key costs less than a USB Flash Drive, can track the number of times used, and works as a virtual keyboard. The URL provided can link to a webpage, survey, brochure, anything you desire. In addition, whatever changes made will be seen by the user when they insert the USB Web Key. With that, the USB Web Key is much smaller and thinner than a typical USB Flash Drive, so it can be mailed in a standard envelope.  

USB Web Key: A Service & A Product

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Now that you have some basic knowledge about what a web key is and does, we would like to inform you of the service benefits this product offers. This entry will help you better understand all of the benefits and details of how this product could be a great tool for you and your company.


Each Web Key has a distinct number associated with it that, when inserted into the USB Port, is recognized by our software program. This information is then recorded and available online for our client to see.

What information specifically is recorded?

Each time a user inserts the web key, the date, time, web key # and # of uses is recorded. A link to this information is provided to the client, so they can login anytime of the day to view the results of their web key purchase.

Why do I care?

It is important for all companies, large and small to track their marketing efforts to evaluate their success. This includes the number of hits your website receives daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. With our customized program, you can evaluate how effective your Web Key approach is.

What if I don't want it to link to my webpage but another URL or document?

The USB Web Key is a virtual keyboard. Therefore it links to the URL provided by the client, whether that URL leads to a survey, webpage, or brochure is completely up to the client. With that said, any changes made to the URL provided will be seen upon insertion to the USB Port.

The Latest: Web Key

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What is a Web Key?

A Web Key is a USB Flash Drive that provides a direct link to your website when connected to the USB port.

The web key allows you to direct your clients and customers to a specific page or link within your website.  It holds no memory and requires no software. In addition, the web key takes the place of having generic brochures, books, informational handouts and allows you to capture direct attention, harvest information, and lead onto other products or services.  Enhanced Features are available.

How will this benefit my company?

The Web Key is an internet marketing tool, perfect for driving web traffic and sales to your site. It is great for advertising a new product launch and eliminates the hassle of navigating through the web. This product is ideal for trade show exhibitors because it offers a competitive advantage over the other exhibitors. With the thousands of brochures, catalogs, and business cards floating around a trade show floor, a Web Key is the perfect option to ensure your company information does not get lost in the mix.


What additional services are available?

  • WebTrack Package
    Unique URL generated per key
    Client assigned URL re-direct
    Dedicated client log-on page with reporting of up to the minute usage statistics
    Ability to track geo-location and IP

  • WebTrack-IQ Package
    All services from WebTrack Package, plus these additional premium services:
    Individual WebKey activation
    Client driven URL redirect upon activation
    Opt-in registration
    Client logo splash screen

Additional premium services such as HTML page hosting, custom splash screen, cookies insertion, web analytics package implementation / integration, web statistical analysis are also available.

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