What is Duplication? How does it work?

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What is Duplication?

Duplication, or preloading, is the process of copying information such as files, videos, music, links and other information to multiple drives. A preload file can be sent one of two ways. A client can send their preload via email or send a previously preloaded drive to our office. Either way the content is copied to one of the customized USB Flash Drives that the client ordered from us. This flash drive is then used to format and copy the information to the rest of the flash drives.


How does Duplication Work?

USB Media has developed its own machines and pre-load software to duplicate files to our USB Flash Drives. This software enables us to offer both erasable and non - erasable preloads.


There are two types of Duplication, File Copy and Image Copy. USB Media uses Image Copy, a better, more reliable form of duplicating. Image copy works by copying information bit by bit so that the layout, content, and drive are identical to the original. With this process, the drives are formatted, copied, and verified. Verification is the process of ensuring that the content is readable, a very important step in the duplication process. Only in Image copy can the preload be verified.


With File Copy, the data is copied and inserted wherever there is space on the drives. Therefore, the target drive contains the same data but is not identical to the original drive. In addition, verification does not take place in File Copy Duplication. Therefore there is a greater chance the preload may have errors.


How can Duplication benefit my business?

USB Flash drives are the most convenient, versatile, and affordable portable memory devices available. Utilizing gigabits to share files, product catalogs, marketing presentations and software distribution, these products are one of the best marketing tools for any company. With a customized preload functionality, any type of file or document can be duplicated onto multiple drives. Our company utilizes duplication machines to preload thousands of flash drives a day, making large jobs easy to fulfill in a short amount of time.

USB Flash drives are extensively used for marketing purposes as well as data storage. However, many people in the workforce as well as students use flash drives on a regular basis or regular usage. If you want to transfer any type of marketing material in a customized manner then USB Flash Drives are the best option. Not to mention they make a great promotional gift!

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