5,000 drives in 2 days...

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Reformatting 5,000 USB Flash Drives sounds like a difficult, time consuming task. We recently were requested to do so by a printing client who had ordered these drive preloaded with non-erasable content from another overseas vendor. These types of tasks are often difficult to handle since very few US flash drive sellers have the technical capability to complete the assignment. Through our extensive contacts with our suppliers we were able to obtain the proper software for the project.  We also had a very short lead-time for this project, two days to be exact. Our technical team was able to complete this assignment in time for delivery to our client.

One interesting side note was that during the reformatting process, we found that approximately 20% of the drives were "upgraded chips". These were flash chips that were significantly lower in capacity that were reformatted to look like a higher capacity drive. Our experience is that this happens quite often with bulk purchases where pricing gets extremely competitive. No vendor is willing to lose money selling drives. When a bid is just too low to be true, some funny business often accompanies it!

USB Media works very closely with our clients to guarantee their requirements and expectations are met. We walk them through the process of their flash drive order, and continuously test their preload files before shipment. It is just as important to us that your presentation is perfect. Our service and quality is a representation of our company and that is not something we compromise at any cost. USB Twist.jpg

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