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Small Business Day Saturday

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This Saturday is Small Business Day Saturday, and as a "small business" we would like to acknowledge and support our fellow small business owners. 

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Here are a few ways you can support Small Businesses:

Go to a local food market, for fruits and veggies this week, instead of your typical Stop & Shop, A&P, or HEB. Our town has a local outdoor market every Sunday in a small parking lot. They sell amazing apple pies!

Skip the Department Store and head to a small boutique for some unique finds. Most carry a selection of basics as well as interesting one of a kind pieces by designers not sold in Department Stores. You never know what you may find!

Look to your local florist instead of ordering from 1-800-Flowers this season. It will give you the opportunity to design your own bouquet of flowers for that special someone.

Skip out on TGI Fridays and eat at a smaller lesser-known restaurant. This may be the perfect opportunity to try a new type of food! I recently ate at a Thai restaurant for the first time and loved it!

Getting an early start on those Corporate Gifts? Buy USB Flash Drives from us and we will give you our Small Business Day Discount - good from today through next Friday. We will work with you to create the most useful, appropriate, customized gift for your co-workers.

Hope you all take advantage of this holiday and support your local small businesses. Your support will be much appreciated!

Partition Your USB Flash Drive

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Found this interesting and informative article on

A USB Flash Drive can be easily partitioned into a maximum of 4 partitions. All the partitions can also be accessed in Windows easily. This is possible using a tool called Bootice.

Why Partition a USB Flash Drive?

  • Only the first partition is visible in Windows.So the other partitions can be used to hide data from Windows Users
  • All Partitions are visible in Linux. So partitioning your USB Flash Drive will be useful if you only want your Linux friends to access data on your USB Flash Drive.
  • A regular windows format cannot delete the other partitions. So an average computer user can never delete the data in the other partitions.

Learn how to partition your USB Flash Drive here.

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