Its September!

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September marks the beginning of the Fall season as well as the beginning of the school year! Be prepared for a whole new year of projects, presentations, and lesson plans with a preloaded custom USB Drive!


Wondering how your college can effectively use USB Drives to promote and improve life for students and faculty? Keep reading...

First I would like to discuss the various types of content that can be preloaded and added to our USB Flash Drives. To put it simply, EVERYTHING! You can preload slide shows, videos, music, and any other promotional content. USB flash drives can even load a specific website or auto-run custom messages when plugged into a computer.

Most colleges and universities hand out lots of free goodies in that first week back, including mugs, agendas, key lanyards, pens, and more. However, (other than the agenda) how often do we really use these free products throughout the year, and how often do they end up lost somewhere in our homes? The same goes for that event calendar, clubs and organizations sheet and other handouts grabbed from panel tables in the school lobby.

Therefore this is my proposition - USE USB FLASH DRIVES!

All important information such as event calendars, club information, contact information, and available opportunities you're paying the school to provide, can be preloaded on a customized USB drive. Our team would love to work with you in creating a great first day giveaway! In our experience, our previous education clients have preloaded school event calendars, donation or tax benefit materials, school layouts with important contact numbers and emails, and more!

That first day back is always rough, all that information being poured into our brains after a nice two months of relaxing...Why not make it a little less painful by offering a compacted version. Not only will students utilize their flash drive to reference school information, but also to transfer data, upload homework and presentations as well as other information. Our small, compact models are lightweight and easily assembled on a lanyard or key fob. Guaranteed your students will not only appreciate such a thoughtful gift but will be sure to use it throughout the year.

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