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First I would like to welcome you all to our first post! Here is a brief overview of our company and Team USB.

USB Media, Inc. specializes in the customization of USB Flash drives. Our team works together to create the shape, color, finishing, etching, and overall appearance as specified by our client. We have aided in the design of car models, airplanes, swiss army knife models, and a TV remote, just to name a few. Our company prides itself on producing high quality products at competitive prices. All models are available in a variety of capacities from 128MB to 64GB.

Team USB is dedicated to providing impeccable customer service, catering to our clients needs and working with them throughout the entire order process. Multiple verifications and approvals are completed before production to ensure that our model mockup meets the requirements of our client. Additional options such as lanyards and special packaging are available upon request. Our lanyards are available with and without print as well as in a variety of colors and widths. 

In addition to our USB customization, we offer duplication/preloading services in which we load he content provided onto each drive before distribution. This includes presentations, catalogs, and college admissions and programs information. Any and all content, from picture to text to videos and web links, can be loaded onto our USB Flash Drives manually and through our duplication services.

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