The USB Drive

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One device with multiple functions puts privacy, protection, and portability in the palm of one's hand. Today the computer became significantly smaller, safer and completely secure with the a USB drive that turns any computer into one's personal computer, complete with unprecedented capabilities and security functions.

We're here for the long run

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USB Flash Drives have been around for a long time now. First starting out at outrageous prices and slowly falling as the demand fell. Most people now have USB Flash drives for school, work, and personal uses. However, the benefits of USB Drives is being seriously overlooked. USB Drives are not going away anytime soon. With Cloud services, people seems to think technology like Flash Drives are no longer needed. WRONG. 

What happens when your server crashes? 

Well for one, all of those pictures, must files, work files, anything you had saved from your computer is now in limbo - good luck getting it back. It's incredibly difficult if  not impossible to retrieve those files from your cloud server once it has crashed. 

Moving on, just like cloud services, USB Drives can be taken anywhere with you and plugged into any computer. Even the iPad! Don't think that because computer companies are coming out with smaller versions of laptops and iPads that you cannot plug in your files and work on them from any of these new technologies. The iPad comes with a 30 pin doc connector, necessary for more than just a flash drive but any form of usb. 

We would like to think that there may be new solutions on the way, but USB Drives have worked wonders for years and years, and like your old Pom Pilot (we miss those too) they really cannot be replaced. Their services are incredibly important for everyone as we all have content that can never be erased.

Corporate Gift Ideas

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The holiday season is upon us! This means corporate holiday parties, and finding the perfect gifts for your co-workers, employees, and boss (not always an easy task!). However, why not get them something that they can use for work? 

We have been creating custom printed flash drives as corporate gifts since USB Media Inc was founded. They make great gifts! Personalize them by printing the person's name on the front or maybe just the company logo. Either way, it's appropriate, inexpensive, and they will use it for everything from work to personal photos and data storing. 

New holiday drives will be available soon! Keep your eyes peeled for some great new product additions! 

Press Previews

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Public Relation's companies are continually requesting custom printed drives with pre-loaded data for their clients. It is imperative that we make sure each drive is perfectly formatted and printed, not only because every product we provide all of our client's with is a representation of ourselves, but with PR Companies, it is representative of their services too. The client explained that they needed Lookbook's pre-loaded for press previews in which they show their client's collection to top name editors and stylists. We provided a mockup and a sample prior to putting in the full order. After the first approval, we put through the order and had it ready in a little over a week. 

After following up with the client to see how the event went, not only were they very appreciative but have recommended us to other people in their industry. It is always very rewarding to head when client's love the product, but even more when they have a successful event. 

USB Drive Data Recovery

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USB Drive Data Recovery is, as its name says, an easy-to-use application designed to help you backup and restore lost data from your USB drives. It efficiently scans your USB storage devices for lost data, and quickly recovers it . You will get to choose from two types of searches: Standard and Advanced, which enables you to scan and recover all files that were lost or deleted from your USB drive.

Xbox 360 flash drive update was "intentional"

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During last month, a new Xbox 360 Dashboard reached our beloved consoles and to much surprise, many users found out that the maximum storage capability for flash drives was doubled, from 16 GB to 32 GB. It was surprising mostly because of Microsoft's policy with external storage devices and the limitations applied, making customers buy the official Xbox 360 Hard Drive to get full functionality.

It seems like the increase was intentional and not some side effect of the new dashboard update: a Microsft spokeperson confirmed today that the increase was to encourage players to use their Live profile more and buy even more digital content. More storage space = more contents.

So don't worry people, buy and download like there's no tomorrow, Microsoft isn't going to go back to those little 16 GB! It doesn't really improve on the storage limitations of the console but still, it's a good thing that Microsoft is slowly opening up to the idea of having wider storage possibilities.

Most of the time, while leaving the system , you need to lock the computer for security reason. And when you return back, you need to enter the password and login to your system. But if there is any hardware key, with which you could use to login to your computer, then every time you don't have to type long password for login or some time, some one else may be sitting beside you, typing password in front of other person may be a bit risky, as the person beside you may view, what you are typing in your password field from your keyboard. So in such a situation, if the computer could be logged in using any hardware component, which only the individual user can use for their own account, then it would be much easier and comfortable to login to the computer, with out the risk of the password being revealed to others. 

  • At first, download and install the software into the system.
  • Then insert a flash drive or memory card into your computer's USB port or card slot.
  • Run the installed Rohos Logon Key software, select the option "Setup USB Key".
  • Then you will be asked to enter the operating system's authentication password, enter it accordingly and then click on the Setup USB Key button.

  • Once you setup the USB key, your job is finished, now your flash drive is ready to use as an physical authentication key. But, one thing you need to remember is that you need to be very careful, so that the flash drive which you have made as the authentication key, must not reach to the others, otherwise they could use it to unlock your computer. And don't format the flash drive, else it will not work as the authentication key. 

    Need some help with your artwork? Not to worry

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    We have many customers who come to us without their own graphic departments to create logos or convert non vector files to vector. Not to fret! We have an on staff graphic artist who is more than happy to work with you in creating your logo or converting your artwork so it is compatible with our systems. Check out more information on our website.
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    Teardown revives hopes that Lightningmight be USB 3.0-compatible

    Extra pins might mean the cable and connector directly support "SuperSpeed" USB.

    Earlier today we linked to iFixit's iPhone 5 teardown, and there's something interesting lurking in the pictures of the Lightning connector. Although it's clear at this point that the iPhone 5 only sports USB 2.0 speeds, initial discussions of Lightning's support of USB 3.0 have focused on its pin count--the USB "Super Speed" 3.0 spec requires nine pins to function, and Lightning connectors only have eight.

     Image from
    The Lightning cable and connector

    However, iFixit's teardown shows the pins in the iPhone 5's Lightning receptacle, and there are two extras on either side:

     The iPhone 5's Lightning connector disassembled. Note two extra pins, possibly for ground return.

    The Lightning connector itself has two divots on either side for retention, but these extra electrical connections in the receptacle could possibly be used as a ground return, which would bring the number of Lightning pins to the same count as that of USB 3.0--nine total.

    If this is the case, then it shows that Apple has at least thought ahead with its new plug, and may have future-proofed it to support USB 3.0. This would be a wise tactical move on Apple's part and could open the door to Lightning being used to supplement Thunderbolt as a second high-speed standard port, rather than as a one-off iPhone connector competing awkwardly with USB 2.

    Of course, the need for extra pins is obviated if the connector's shield can be used as the ground return; in that case, the extra pins are just extra pins, which would be used in some form or fashion for Lightning signaling. As usual, Apple is mum on the details and no official confirmation exists one way or another.

    Apple spokespersons have confirmed that HDMI and VGA cables utilizing Lightning will be available soon, so the interface is clearly destined for more than just USB 2.0 data syncing.

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    Our own Duplication

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    At least half of all orders require preload services from small files that are a couple MB to videos and larger files upwards 8G. With all of the preloads we do weekly, it is important that our team is thorough and has the proper equipment to ensure quality of the process and end result. This is exactly why we have created our own machines and written our own program. We control the process every step of the way and check over every drive to ensure that the files are properly formatted and play to the standards of our customers. 


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